My Birth Story

Such a big topic to cover and so much to say! If you would prefer to watch rather than read, I will also be making a YouTube video covering this soon too.  So, I'll pick up where the last pregnancy video update left off which, in a nutshell, detailed my waters breaking at 34 weeks, my... Continue Reading →

Horses come first…. then me.

Lately, the thought of 'blogging' on social media gets me in a total spin. The fear of posting stuff someone might not like makes my heart race.   I've been writing on various platforms for three years but still I can't ignore this feeling... that's when it hit me; What the actual sh*tsticks are you even... Continue Reading →

New Year… New…. whatever!?

Feeling under pressure to transform yourself this January... read on my friends, read on. Here's the thing with January, it's the start of a NEW YEAR and apparently, according to millions of Facebook posts, the chance to create a 'New You'. Well, how about this: what if the old you was already doing a good... Continue Reading →

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