Let’s talk about: Horse insurance and why I’d never be without it.

An insight into what cover I have and why I think it’s important.

Now, you might be thinking… “that bloody Wimpy’s sponsored by KBIS, course she’s going to be banging on about insurance!” or thoughts to that effect! But alas my friends, I have been insured with KBIS for over 10 years, with 5 different horses and always because of the same reasons, so hear me out, just for a cotton picking little minute!

Scenario Number 1:

You spend 5 years saving up all your money, buy a horse, get it home and it breaks a leg in the field the next day and requires euthanasia.

You probably haven’t had time to fall in love yet, but you have lost every single penny that you spent on that poor dead pony and you have no way of getting the money together for another 5 years. WITHOUT THE RIGHT INSURANCE. As heartless as that might sound, it’s real life. You probably wont have had months of saving for the ‘what if’s’ in your pony bank account and you’ll have all of the costs of disposal and vet bills to pay as well.

Scenario Number 2:

You have your beloved Mildred for 10 years and out of the blue, she colics. Requiring £4,500 worth of treatment and you have only got 3 months wages in reserve.

What on earth do I do? I don’t have rich friends, I’m not eligible for a bank loan and I don’t own anything of that kind of value to sell. My vet isn’t going to set up a payment plan and I have no way of saving Mildred’s life, she would have to be put to sleep and I would never forgive myself as long as I live WITHOUT THE RIGHT INSURANCE.


The reality for me is, I can afford Pat and Pea’s insurance each month but, I realistically can’t afford colic surgery or similar.

My focus is vet fee cover, I have them under insured for their value because in my opinion, no amount of money would EVER come close to replacing them and at KBIS you are able to under insure by up to 50% of the current market value (although you do have to let them know your horses actual value). This keeps monthly costs down if the recouping the money you paid for the horse isn’t why you are insuring them.

My horses are not investments and I don’t need to secure that capital I invested in them. This figure would not bring them back, it’s not why I have insurance. I get that some horses are, and that’s okay too.

But, I have insurance to save their lives, to prolong the time we get to spend together, because that is the stuff money can’t buy.

KBIS – They get me.

I toyed with changing suppliers of insurance when I got Pea. I shopped around for some miraculous ‘multi-horse discount’. But, I’ll tell you now… no-one got me like KBIS. They understood why I didn’ t care about his value, they understood because; THEY ARE HORSE PEOPLE. They didn’t try and up sell to me like a couple of other companies, they just knew what I wanted it for and didn’t push.

I don’t regret shopping around, in fact; I’m glad I did. It made me realise that I have the best for us, that the choices I made were the right ones and that after 10 years of always dealing with my queries and claims efficiently, I will be loyal to KBIS for as long as I have horses.

If anyone wants any more details about KBIS head to their website or give
them a call, if you have any queries about my experience with them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, pop a message below… whatever you like. I will always be very transparent. I will also bring you some more information about their Catastrophe Cover, which is also a remarkable policy, in another installment next month.

Love every second with your horses, they are truly remarkable, you never know when those days might run out.

Love as always

Vic, Pat and Pea


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