Event Number 2: Same weekend – Easy Peasy!

Day two of our first events of 2019 and it was Pea who was today’s star of the show in the BE80.

For anyone that doesn’t know, little Pea is a thoroughbred mare who I had on loan back in 2013-14 from a very good friend.

She restored so much of my fragile confidence back then and when the opportunity came to have her back and keep her forever last September, of course I took it! Since 2014 Pea hadn’t really done much, so dragging her out of early retirement and giving her a fun job is my main priority!

Since September I have worked really hard to get her happy, flexible and willing to round on the flat… something she hasn’t ever found terribly natural. Jumping and running, they are her favourites!

So this morning, I woke without a single dash of nerves. An event day without toilet trips, without tears and without dread was seriously, seriously wonderful. Regardless of the outcome (which definitely didn’t matter) I just wanted to make sure she had fun!

With little Daisy, our new companion pony, in tow, we set off at 8.35AM in time for our 11am dressage. Pea is a weaver and weaves terribly in my lorry, but with Daisy there it’s hasn’t even occurred to her to do it even for a second! RESULT No.1!!

However, on arrival having to leave Daisy on the van and take Pea away for the dressage was about the time Auntie Smurph and I thought we might like to go home!!! Pea was calling, napping, you name it… it was terribly stressful! I walked Pea away leaving poor Smurph with the braying Daisy and consulted a friend further down the lorry park as to what I should do.

She gave me a mounting block and told me to get on with it! Result No.2!

Alone, I walked to the dressage warm up… I trotted most of the pathway because Pea was napping so badly I was a bit afraid of her bolting back to the van in search of a small pony lesbian romance!

Alas, we made it! Our warm up was horrific. I couldn’t even trot a circle without her veering, bolting or busting out the queen camel dance moves… I was not holding out much hope for a sub 40 test!

In the arena (when I finally made it there) she was awesome… I rode accurately and with an open hand and she gave me her all for a very surprising 33!!!

Back at the lorry park, I tied up at my friend Katherine’s lorry so we didn’t upset the pony or Pea and this worked so well! Everyone was calm and settled and Pea was very happy munching her haynet alone… result No.3!

After an hour and a half, we tacked up for showjumping and after a few practice fences, we ambled in… no pressure, I pootled around the course having a wonderful time with my horse without any pressure to perform. I know I could have collected her up and gone for the clear round but I didn’t and we came out beaming with two silly rolled poles where I just didn’t ask too much.

I was delighted how she took it all in her stride in a big dressed arena with so many fillers and banners and so much going on, I could give a fat rats ass about those poles… she was simply wonderful to be on top of today!

And there it was, cross country… the bit I usually dread. Except, I was not full of dread today. I was calm, happy and looking forward to seeing what my little horse had to offer. And by Jove she didn’t disappoint!

After popping a few practice jumps we headed for the box, not of doom, but of joy… the start box of joy!

5,4,3,2,1… she sailed out and over the first fence not a bother but we were still ambling! I picked up the pace and she soared fence 2, the house and 3, the bird house so well I couldn’t believe it! Down to 4, the shavings trailer that Pat had a stop at yesterday… And there is was… it happened again!

Only this time, my horse saved me.

I chased her in a bit and got a bit foetal up her neck out of nerves, she tried to chip in a stride that didn’t quite fit. She stopped, decided that might not be the required outcome and bloody went over it anyway!

She lurched over and got to the other side as though I was the one who had lost my marbles! Leave her to it Vic who doofus… she would jump the moon if I asked her to, and I’d do well to remember this more often.

Unscathed and over 5 a double with a skinny on a curve, she answered in fine style and galloped away over the big trailer at 6 and hopped up the step and brush at 7!

Galloping down to the pipes at 8 and round the back of the woods came 9, 10 (a double if dressed skinnies) and 11… she was bloody flying! To 12, the water ? which she doesn’t much like.

Not today my friends, straight in and jumped out without question to a chair at 13, down to the home straight taking each fence in her stride, she soared the last, the big carrot box and I screamed with delight for us both.

She gave me the most wonderful ride, I’ve missed that huge Peewee heart and her steely courage. She is just as determined as I am and together we are seriously bold. I cannot tell you what it means to have this little horse back by my side, she is my soulmate and I cannot wait for what the future holds for us. We finished in 14th place and would have been top three if I hadn’t have been in a busman’s holiday in the showjumping!!

Massive thanks to Auntie Smurph for her help and support today and to my lovely friend Robyn who was also there holding our hands and cheering us on. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at an event as I did today and I seriously cannot wait for the next one.

Thank you for all of your wonderful support as always and I look forward to (hopefully) getting off the waitlist for Oasby next weekend too!

Daddy Carrot was playing football today so we don’t have that many pics… but there will be tons of video on Instagram to follow!

Lots of love as always, goodnight and God bless

Vic, Pat and the amazing little Pea!


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