TEAM WIMPY 2019 : Happy New Year!

So, my amazing team of seven riders is about to grow… I am so happy with the girls and how well they have gelled and supported one another, I am looking to add 3 more Team Wimpy Riders to the team for 2019, making a team of 10! More on that this week….

We are kicking off this year with and update from our beautiful Becki and Buckster!

New year, New goals…

2019 has now started and I have some pretty big goals, it’s already been off to a great start!

Buck and I went to our first competition of 2019 when we went to the BE arena eventing at Weston lawns, it wasn’t our best day and it certainly goes to show that things don’t always go right!

I was very nervous and had a complete wobble before getting on, it felt very much like when I first started eventing, with the overwhelming fear and constant churning stomach resulting in another almost sick moment.

I wasn’t really paying attention into the first jump (too busy waving at Caroline in the judges box and let Buck get too quick, resulting in me checking him too late.

We had a bit of a miscommunication over which stride to go on and he just got too close to the fence and couldn’t take off … This resulted in a refusal (our first ever competitive refusal) that was totally my fault and I take full responsibility.

After that though we had a cracking round and even with the refusal time added on we were still inside the optimum time! Plus, the joker fence was 1m so we managed our first 1m jump together!!!

When I watched the video back I was actually really impressed with our round and to be honest, I think the stop did me good! It will teach me in future to pay more attention and to remember all our training around rhythm and balance.

I have taken my other horse, Vera to Eland again for their clear round arena eventing, she was a very good girlie apart from some very odd napping at the start when she didn’t want to go away from the collecting ring.

Apart from that she was ace, it was a very tight course so I had to put a couple of circles in to settle her. It did meant that I could set her up nicely for the jumps as she’s still very inexperienced – I didn’t want to knock her confidence!

The most exciting achievement of 2019 so far though happened just the other day, when we got our results for the HayGrazer E-Rider your horse live championships.

I had entered the prelim and novice on Buck and this was our first time trying online dressage.

I filmed both tests a day after our dressage lesson so everything was still fresh in our minds. However, both of us had worked so hard the day before we both tired very easily and after the prelim I really didn’t feel up to doing the novice, but as we had hired a school to do it, we had to crack on.

Watching the videos back I was happy but felt I could have done better, especially after watching the quality of everyone’s entries – there are some seriously amazing tests on there!

I spent all of yesterday refreshing the page as the results were due to be released at any time. By the time I got home and put the telly on I was so tired I forgot to keep checking so imagine my surprise when my friend messaged me saying I’d only gone and won the prelim with an insane 73.46% AND come 3rd in the novice with 68.33%

I’m still in shock now and was totally blown away as I never expected that, this is only the 4th time I’ve ridden a novice test and to know it is all judged by bd judges has really set a good bench mark for when we do our first bd competition at the end of the month!!

So excited to get my sheets back and see the judges comments! Let’s just hope that 2019 continues in this direction!

It just shows hard work does pay off! I honestly believe if you want something you need to throw yourself into it fully, heart and soul and train like you’ve never won!

I pour every thing into my training and competing and it’s especially hard as I don’t have any facilities plus work full time! Honestly, guys if I can do this anyone can!!

Keep training, keep fighting and never give up!! Get out there and make those dreams come true!

Love Becki, Buck and Vera! xx

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