New Year… New…. whatever!?

Feeling under pressure to transform yourself this January… read on my friends, read on.

Here’s the thing with January, it’s the start of a NEW YEAR and apparently, according to millions of Facebook posts, the chance to create a ‘New You’. Well, how about this: what if the old you was already doing a good job? What if last years you was already good enough? And just for a small second, think about how your old you might feel when it gets lost in all this new you bullsh*it…

I’m all for creating goals and making plans to achieve them but don’t think that just because you missed the deadline of Jan 1st, that you have to wait 11 and a half months to try again!

Guess what… Every day is a NEW day right? If you are set on some miraculous reinvention, why wait… why not do it RIGHT NOW?

Turning Dreams into Reality

Now, I have things I absolutely have to achieve this month, like paying my tax bill and getting more work hours signed. But there are also things I have tasked myself with to build the steps that lead to my end goals for the year.

  • My lorry is currently off the road because I haven’t been able to afford the MOT and associated work for it to pass. In order to get out competing and progressing with the horses, this really is a huge deal breaker for me. OPERATION ‘Make more money’, is in full swing.
  • Along side the first point, I am saving money by selling all the random stuff I don’t need that lurks around my house and yard. I have given up smoking and only drinking on Friday nights, unless we are gifted wine of course (I know, shock horror). I am no longer getting my nails done once a month, I am looking into AdSense for my social platforms and website, and I am looking for more work opportunities too.
  • I am riding EVERYDAY. I worked out that I spend a lot of money on shoeing and keeping two horses (albeit in a field at home) and avoid riding most days.. WTAF am I doing?! So, with that in mind… everyday that I am physically able (we don’t have floodlights or a menage), I am riding!

I’ve also vowed to jump once a week, just in the field while I save some money. And in these sessions I have also vowed to jump at least 2 things that scare the pants off me! So far I have managed to jump both horses over a huge 1.10m Oxer and I’ll tell you something, I’d do it again, now I know it wasn’t so bad!! I’d call that progress!

So I am rambling a little but, my point is this;

STOP with the re-invention. Yes, make tweaks, adjust things, make plans and have dreams, but remember… do not wish you were someone else. You are already incredible, you might just need to do some stuff that reminds you just how incredible you really are!!

Happy New Year and I look forward to catching up with you all soon!

Love as always
Vic, Pat and Pea xxx

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