Welcome to my online home. I am Victoria Brant, but you can call me Vic.  I am an author and equestrian lifestyle blogger, wine drinker, wife, mother and weird animal rescuer. I really hope you enjoy being a part of my journey and that you come back often, even if it’s just for a laugh.

My journey shares the very highest, wonderful moments and the rock-bottom lows of a life with horses. As a skilled and heavily invested amateur equestrian with two horses, (Pat and Pea) we are nothing short of a breath of fresh air in this world of rising negativity. Competing, training and loving horses make up the body of my award winning equestrian blog with a smattering of lifestyle topics thrown in too. If you enjoy a ‘no filter’ take on life, you will LOVE it here. 

On this site you can laugh, learn, shed tears, take inspiration and grow your own equestrian journey with a little help from your friends. I hope you enjoy the regular content and updates as much as I enjoy creating them…


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Partnering with...

I am lucky enough to have been a sponsored rider for Team Voltaire for the last 3 years.  My first purchase was the mono-flap jump saddle, the Lexington.  This changed my riding life and boosted my confidence SO much.  All those times I should have fallen off or felt insecure in the saddle were transformed by the grippy leather and superb fit. 

I have since been graced by the prescence of the Stuttgart jumping saddle and mexican bridle for Pea and I love them just as much (if not more!!) 

To read more about my Voltaire Journey, click here…

I first met Natacha at Topline when I moved to Lincolnshire and set about the search for a new physiotherapist for the horses.  She was so professional, knowledgeable and worked wonders on all my horses that I managed to persuade her to join force with me! 

The horses have never felt so good and neither have I.  She offers both rider alignment and equine physio as well as being a fab personal trainer and pilates pro… and someone that I am very proud to call my friend 🙂 

You can read more about Topline and the horses treatments if you click here.


I have worked with this exceptional clothing and footwear brand for over 4 years and I can wholeheartedly say that they have never brought out ANYTHING that I haven’t loved.

I have ridden in their boots for over 10 years and my word, are they built to last?! I am currently riding in the challenge square toe boot that I have had for 4 years and also breaking in the lace up Capriole boots that I would almost certainly swap my husband for! 

My favourite items from the current season are the super cosy  Gesa Insulated Coat, the amazingly slimming EOS Riding Tights and my absolute fave… understated, but always thrown on Tolt full zip top in Rose (which is currently in the SALE guys!!) 

I am so very fortunate to be a Sponsored Rider for KBIS Horse Insurance having been a customer of theirs since my very first horse purchase almost 10 years ago! 

Pat is insured as a leisure horse whilst eventing is off the cards and Pea is on their amazing Catastrophe cover.  They are always so amazingly awesome when I call up with ANOTHER ridiculous question and I cannot fault the service I have had from them one bit! 

If you want to read more about why I have chosen KBIS and why I even bother to insure them at all you can see that here…

2019 saw the us WINNING the place as an ambassador for the super flash Jump 4 Joy Show Jumps! Having never had fancy jumps and always using home made and recycled equipment in my field, I was SO over the moon with this opportunity.

My J4J prize pack included 2 sets of wings, 2 fillers and 3 poles all in their red and blue branding. We also won a saddle pad, gilet and cooler rug that I absolutely LOVE! These jumps and experience days with their other riders are beyond my wildest dreams and I am so grateful to them for giving us this opportunity. I can’t wait to add to my collection soon and if I did, these would be my new additions of choice… The Ascending Brush – HERE  or their newest addition, the Wishing Well – HERE 

You can read more about the jumps and some exercises using them on this site in the coming weeks.