Christmas Gift Ideas Pt.2

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So, tell me… how many pairs of wellies have you gone through this year? Personally I went through two pairs and then abandoned wellies all together for my Ariat country boots.

Now, there is just so much more that you can do in wellies that you can’t do in a beautiful country boot, but not being able to find a long lasting pair that didn’t make my bunions throb and my feet sweat was tough.

Only a week ago I met a lady called Rachel, she had sparkly nails and beautiful boots… welcome Rudds Wellies. As soon as I slipped my feet into them they felt roomy, they are supportive and best of all they are guaranteed to last for 12months!!!!

I love the reflective strip, the fact you can ride in them – which I tested as soon as I got them home and yes you can!! I love that they are neoprene lined and while I can’t afford le chameau, these are just as superior in quality.

I tell you what else I love- the soles… they aren’t chunky enough to walk on gravel and take half of it with you!!! I hate that!!! No stones were wedged in mine and yet they are still mega grippy.

I have to say, having put them to the test in wet, long grass, in the saddle, worn around HOYS for 5 hours with no sweating… they are well worth the price tag of £130 and you get free delivery!!

Let’s say you wear your wellies almost everyday for at least 2 hours while you muck out/feed/poo pick/ride. That’s around 700 hours you’ll spend in them per year, making each comfy wear worth a tiny 18p!!! You can’t even get a curly wurly for that these days!!!

I award these lovely wellies with a 9.5 ??‘s… they’d have got a 10 if they came in pink!! You can’t have everything!!

A must have under your sparkly tree this year ???


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