On the 27th August 2017 we welcomed a new furry into our lives.  We went to visit the lovely Kate at Cheveral House Racehorse Rehoming  and a week later came home with Sir Bentley.

Bender or Bendy Wendy as he is now affectionately known, is a shade under 16.3hh, he is 7 years old and is so beautifully put together.  He has a very kind face and a month in, he has a great attitude to work.

Bender came off the track over a year ago and has spent a year out in a big field getting fat :). We have now started long reining, ride and lead hacking and small amounts of lunging with a plan to hop on him in the not too distant future.

I am looking forward to seeing how he develops and we hope that a trip to HOYS isnt too far away for him <3

I love my Bender!


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