#blogtober – Autumn essentials for you…

In the spirit of equestrian blogging, I have decided to dip in and out of the #horsebloggers Blogtober topics when the inspiration takes me. Today it took me…

I’m going to bring you my 3 Autumn essentials that I, or anyone else shouldn’t be living without.

Now, I expect you’re about to click the home button or the Facebook shortcut and disappear from my site assuming that I’m going to rave about some over priced gilet filled with the hair of Indonesian badgers, well think again.

There are things that no money can buy you in this world that are worth far, far more than hairy badgers. And God knows, I love new horsey products A LOT, I have 2 attractive horse models and I’m not bad with a camera … but it’s only temporary and superficial happiness. Take note, these are the things you really shouldn’t be without;

Number 1: Social Media Curfews

Snore… you’ve heard it all before, the “I’m taking a SM break” or “No phones after 7pm” bullsh*t! But the thing is, YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON LIFE!!!!! Yes, I’m an active social media user, but I never let it dictate my life. I cannot stand it when people use their phones at the dinner table or in a restaurant even… Going out? Leave your bloody mobile on the kitchen side, in the car, anywhere but in front of your face when your eating, please!

What if your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend dies at midnight tonight, would you regret the time you spent scrolling through the all too fake lives of other people that you barely know?! Too bloody right you would!

Stop for a second, think about lifting your head, looking around and enjoying your surroundings. Ride without posting on Instagram, see how amazing that feels to just be alone with your horse. It’s something I’ve done more and more and felt so happy for, which is why it’s my absolute number 1 thing to do this Autumn!!

Number 2: Minding your health.

This year I’ve been plagued with almost constant niggling pain for the first time in my 32 years. I know the relief of this pain requires at least one operation which I’m putting off for fear of it getting worse (no guarantees!). Taking care of your body, minding how many service stations you stop at tipping gallons of saturated fat into yourself, just how many cigarettes you toke on each Friday night and how many wine bottles smash into the bottom of the recycling van on bin day, will all amount to you not living as long or as well. FACT!

For the first time in my life, I’m doing something about this. I’m eating better, drinking less and I’ve started vaping instead of smoking. Yes, I feel better. Smug in fact!

But reality is, drinking too much is a slippery slope into depression and I’ve teetered here before so let’s be mindful of that and live healthier.

I’ve made a plan, I’d like to get the scales saying 9st something, that means exercising, good diet and drinking water instead of wine at 4pm on a Tuesday. I do feel better for it already.

Number 3: Laughing

I cannot stress enough how important it is to laugh, but not just in a weird, insane, alone laughing type of way. There are ingredients to laughter that will make your life better and your mind healthier.

  • Good people- ones that make you warm inside, ones you can be yourself around, people who don’t judge you or have hidden agendas. Those people will have you laughing like never before.
  • Lightening up- yes I use “f*ck and sh*t like a comma and a full-stop, I’m controversial, sarcastic and have wavering tact but I’m myself 99.7% of the time (obviously I wouldn’t swear in church or in front of my Mum!) Lighten up Brenda, it’s not like I said c*nt!
  • Appreciation of stuff you take for granted. Now, you might not roll about laughing when you realise how fortunate you are to have found half a Bounty in your coat, but making sure you appreciate just how lucky you are to be alive will make laughing about trivial crap much, much easier.

And that’s all I really have to offer on the subject. Don’t waste your life on things that are neither important nor worthy of your concern. Be kind, don’t judge and make light of things that don’t matter.

You have the power to be amazing… why aren’t you using it?

Love xxx

Vic Brant

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6 thoughts on “#blogtober – Autumn essentials for you…

  1. Loving leaving my phone behind and hacking with my friend. Enjoying the fresh air, scenery and laughter and the odd vent ?. Great post, great perspective ?

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