A Box of Joy!

Now, not that long ago something rather special dropped through my door. I had forgotten it was coming and when I opened it, it was like a little bit of Christmas joy fluttered in my heart! <3
My Horse Box is an equestrian subscription box!! A WHAT… yes, you pay money to get of box of things you didn’t ask for, BUT… what a treat it was.
Each month, subscribers receive a luxurious box of products and if February’s box was anything to go by, the quality of mystery contents is very high.
The box itself is VERY high quality, the silver tissue liner and branded stickers all appealed to my marketing eyeballs. There was quite a bit of reading which was nice; a detailed ‘packing list’ on high quality stock with pictures, made me feel as though they have really taken care with the finer details.
I wont go on and on and spoil the surprise in store for other subscribers, but my favourite 3 items within the February box were –
<3 A full size bottle of Equine Massage Oil from Equioil
<3 The beautiful bracelet from Holly’s Equine Wear
<3 An Aztec Diamond Headband (that I managed to have on backwards for 3 days before I realised (Dufus!!)
For anyone wanting a little treat each month, I would thoroughly recommend heading over to www.myhorsebox.com – enjoy and little Christmas flutter EVERY month!!

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