Liz Pears

Hi everyone.

Horses – I’ve had True, a 15 yr old insurance write off, who had evented to Novice ,for coming up 4 years… he’s quirky, spooky, and easy to fall off, but I’ve had some amazing times too, and love him to bits.

Spirit is a recent addition, and is very green… we are aiming to do a BE 80 at some point this year, and he seemed to enjoy his recent first look at xc fences.
I’m so looking forward to meeting the whole of Team Wimpy, here’s to an exciting 2018 for us all! We are pretty rubbish at selfies as you can see ?

Away from the horses I’ve just discovered Pilates, but mostly catch up on Emmerdale and google perpetual tiredness ?

About me – I’m 52, and have been involved with horses all my life. As a child I did all sorts with ponies, from gymkhana games to junior BSJA, and continued into show jumping horses, competing a variety of my own and for owners to a reasonable level. A back injury due to a fall stopped me jumping for some time, and I dabbled a bit with dressage before stopping riding for around 8 years due to various health issues, and focusing on coaching and training.

I slowly crept back into riding in 2013 after successful surgery made everything easier. Ned came along quite accidentally in 2014, and because he’d hunted previously that’s what we did, often terrrified  ( me) but loving it (both of us ! )

My current eventing mission is a mid life crisis stemming from a bucket list wish to complete a BE event before I got past 50. True (Statham Nautilus) is a 17h 15 year old grey Irish sport horse, is very beautiful and rocks my favourite turquoise blue colours perfectly, so I spend far too much money on photos of him , always looking angelic. He’s quirky, talented, loveable and very easy to fall off but he’s taken me places I never dreamed I would go at this stage .

We will hopefully continue to do BE 90s this year, with a possible 100 or two if I’m feeling brave.

With Spirit (who we acquired sadly due to a friends ill health) our plan is to complete a BE 80 event to make her proud. He’s by my old stallion Ko Pilot out of a lovely cob mare, and at 7 a very late starter, but showing a tidy jump and we are having lots of fun .


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