Amie Duckett

Hi everyone!

Random thing about me – I’m pretty accident prone .. Only I could end up dangling from a tree 6ft up after my horse decided to go through the fallen tree rather than around it like the others did!

Favourite thing when I’m not riding – I’m a florist so making people smile with flowers .. And of course drinking gin & tonics in my pjs

Favourite colour – duck egg blue

Horse – Raven, 7 year old 15.3 thoroughbred (ex race horse)

About Me

Eeek!! Well, I’m Amie and still in shock that I’ve been included in this fabulous team!

I’ve been riding on and off since I was 8 and an always happiest when I’m stinking of horse.

About 8 years ago I fell in love with gorgeous cob Black Jack. He was my horsey hero and trusted him 100% without any doubt in my ability. Then I woke up one day unable to walk & it was knowing I wanted to get back to him that got me through all the hospital treatments, therapies and back to being able to walk.

It was heart breaking that my health couldn’t be guaranteed from one day to the next and I had to say goodbye to him.

Over time, I’ve picked myself back up as I’m ridiculously miserable when I’m not around horses and building back up my riding ability, I went to take on a loan horse. I was honest about my ability but sadly his owner wasn’t about his and to cut a long story short, I asked for trot and ended up in hospital with broken bones and a brain that now freaks out at the thought of a forward going trot!

With fabulous family, friends, the gorgeous hunk that is Raven and my wimpy band telling me ‘I’ve got this’,  I’m back in the saddle and slowly the fear is becoming manageable and I smile when trotting!

My hopes for the year are that I can get back to enjoying my riding without the need for shares in Imodium before each visit to the yard, be able to jump a course of jumps smiling and make our team proud.

Love Amie xx

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