Vic, Pat and Pea


A little about me 

Born Victoria Ingamells on 5th April 1986 in Boston, Lincolnshire. I grew up in a small cottage on a farming estate in Blankney, with my Mum, my Dad, 2 older brothers and older sister.

I first sat on a pony at the age of 7, rode at a riding school on a Saturday for 3 years. After the addiction hit, I began helping with the hunt horses at a local hunt yard. At 12, I started working as a cover groom for that private hunt yard, 1.5 days a week and cubbing/hunting as often as a school sick note allowed.

I learnt from some of the most knowledgeably old fashioned horse people in the industry of how to foal, feed, train and run (like clockwork) a busy yard filled with big athletes. For that opportunity, I will remain eternally grateful.

I trained and received the Pony Club tests and taught for a few years (signed off my BHSAI hours), ran various yards from Polo to Dressage and everything in between. I competed for a local family, a handful of event horses – Most of them are my dear shining stars in the sky now.

Around all of this I studied, blagged 14 GCSE’s, 5 A levels and very nearly a BA (hons) degree in Marketing and PR. After a series of sh!t jobs, landed a good one, and I bought my very first horse at the age of 24. MINE, MY OWN ONE. No longer riding for other people fearlessly – I very slowly but, very surely lost my nerve. Owning my own horses put an unrealistic pressure to get everything perfect onto my little shoulders.

Being short of money meant a series of unsuitable horses and 2 horses in… I was a wreck. The thought of getting on my then big, young, warmblood made me feel violently ill. I sold him. I wanted something safe, something older, something I could cry on and tremble on and not die on.

I went to look at my scrawny little runt, another young horse Vic – What are you doing?! But 5 not 3 and not a £400 racehorse reject, a nice young horse… by the sharpest stallion in history!! IDIOT!!! BUT… He was kind, he was gentle, and he was quiet and a little introvert – just like me at the time. At that point I was at rock bloody bottom in every way. I had gone through 4 years of a 6 year turbulent (and not very nice) marriage. I loved that scraggly bag pony instantly.

I rode him home 2 days later and only 2 months after that we were out at our first show, 2 years after that we were at the Nationals! Now, almost 7 years later I love this utter saviour of a horse for everything he has done for me. The times I’ve sobbed into his shaggy irish mane, the laughter and joy he’s brought to my life. Non horsey New Husband (Daddy Carrot) even loves him for making me so happy. My one and only. Here’s to many more years with you by my side lovely boy.

Please allow me to Introduce –

Pauldarys Master Patrick

Sire – Master Imp
Stable Name – Pat
Colour – Bay (Orange with black long bits – mane, tail, legs, ears!)
Age – 14

Favourite Activities – Spooking at birds, spooking at bags, spooking at leaves, stealing food.

Pats Story – Born and broken in Ireland, brought to Hampshire by the lovely people at Pauldarys stud. Bought by myself in June 2012 for a mere pittance!
His for sale video – HERE

Since then we have competed for riding club teams, been to the BRC Nationals, been hunting, XC Schooling, hacked to the pub, reached Elementary Dressage wins, British Novice jumping and now we are taking the Eventing world by storm – HA!

He is my best friend in the whole wide world.


Easy Peasy

Sire – Smilingatstrangers (GB)
Stable Name – Pea
Colour – Dark Brown, black in summer!
Age – 15

Favourite Activities – Jumping, galloping, scoffing food.

Pea’s Story – This little mare was one I had in to school and sell back in 2013.  But I fell in love and she out stayed her welcome by over a year! Hasten to say, Pea knows what she likes and although we finally parted ways, she didn’t really do the job for her next person and looked as though she would take an early retirement as a field ornament. 

5 years on, I picked her up to come and live with us in Lincolnshire, rideable or as a companion, I didn’t care.  Turns out she was raring to go and in the last 2 years we have been out eventing, won rosettes for dressage and showjumping, been out hunting and rekindled a whole new love and respect for each other that I treasure so very much. 


2 thoughts on “Vic, Pat and Pea

  1. Just finished your book! For someone the wrong side of 40 who historically would get on anything, I can totally relate to finding excuses to not go to the yard or look at your horse and the extreme fear. However, I have recently found an amazing home for my poor, totally not to blame boy (I sold him for a pound to ensure he went to the perfect new mummy) I have just bought a Highland foal (downsizing ?). Plenty of time to bond and bombproof before I have to ride. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making us mere mortals realise that a loss of confidence and self esteem can happen to the best of us (I also suffer from unexplained anxiety, fucking annoying) and that all we need is a kick up our own arse from our own feet. Sending much love to you and pat from me and my new baby River. Sam xxx

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