Becki Holmes

Hi I’m Becki

Horses – Bridget and Vera

Bridget is a 16hh Irish sports horse x holsteiner, I am aiming to event on her but we need a lot of work with her ring napping so this is a work in progress! Bridget is the most opinionated horse I have ever met, she is such a diva and knows her own mind, if Bridget doesn’t want to do something nothing anyone can say or do will change that!

Vera is 15.1hh thoroughbred ex racehorse, Vera is a cracking little mare and just wants to please all the time, we are currently working on her showjumping and dressage and hope to introduce some cross country this summer.

My goal for 2018 is to complete my BE80T as a Wobbleberry. I also want to get out to some unaffiliated events and hunter trials and basically have a go at everything along the way 🙂
2019 in a dream world I would love to be affiliating with BE to do some BE80 and maybe just maybe a BE90!

A random fact about me is that I’m obsessed with Furbies, yes the little creepy owl like toys

My favourite colour
is purple

My favourite thing to do when not riding is, think about riding, talk about riding or plan when I’m riding next ? oh and eat chocolate!!

About Me

I’m 25 and until two years ago I’d never jumped a jump and was a total prisoner of my mental health!

Thanks to my amazing friend for bullying me into jumping her mare one weekend over a tiny cross pole this crazy dream of eventing was born!

After spending most weekends at home in bed, with few friends not even wanting to drive a car alone, I now tow every weekend to different shows and events happily making new friends everywhere I go ?

I got Bridget in October 2016 she was sold to me as a show jumping school master that would take me up the ranks, now she kind of is a school master if your a bloody good rider, which I’m not! So very quickly she worked out she could scare me easily and get out of work!

We spent the end of 2016 and half of 2017 being eliminated from everything generally with three refusals at the first jump! It was soul destroying! I remember taking her cross country for the first time last March and literally sat crying in the middle of the field as I couldn’t even get her to trot round the edge let alone attempt a jump! I decided then to sell her as I just wasn’t a good enough rider and I would never do her justice!

Luckily my ever supportive husband and mum stepped up and gave my head a good wobble! I found a great instructor and with him and my now sponsor I actually had some lessons and learnt how to ride!

Fast forward a year and we have made tremendous progress that even I (negative nelly) can see how far we have come as a partnership! She still has her Marish days and by god does she nap at competitions ( god help us on our first ode at the end of March as I don’t even think we will make it out the start box ?) but we are slowly but surely making progress!

Vera is an ex racehorse and prior to coming to me she hadn’t done much of anything! She’s a cracking little jumper and it’s awesome to take her out and fly round a course after struggling with Bridget’s napping for so long! My aim will be to get her eventing and to do some of the ror grassroots competitions with her but I think this may have to be next year so I can build her up nice and slowly! We are currently showjumping between 60cm and 70cm!

I’m a Wobbleberry and my plan is to complete my BE80T in August at Solihull on Bridget! I’m absolutely petrified, we are currently in a vicious circle where I get extra nervous before going the the ring because I know she will nap and then she gets more wound up because I am! But we will get there! ????



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