How to stay on top by Victoria Brant

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How to stay top is the equestrian book everyone has been craving, if you’ve got to the end of all the Jilly Cooper series or you’re in need of an excellent confidence boosting read, this is for you.


A hilarious book filled to the brim with inspiration for anyone that needs a kick up the wotsits, in or out of the saddle! You’ll learn new terminology you never knew existed and how to avoid the dreaded ‘Chip P*ssers’!


Ever wondered what it takes to over-come fear?
To grab hold of something with both hands and never let go?

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

24 reviews for How to stay on top by Victoria Brant

  1. Amanda slater

    Fantastic reading I couldn’t put it down, I love the honesty and humour that easily come across. I feel I can completely relate to some of the situations.

  2. Sophie

    Absolutely love love love this book! So many laughs and makes you really feel like you know Vic personally! You’re a true inspiration Vic keep doing you you’re amazing!! ??

  3. Liz

    Just the best read !
    There’s something everyone can relate to and aspire to, as well as being very funny and entertaining!

  4. Esme

    Wow what a brilliant read from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down! I love the honesty and the ‘heart on your sleeve’ approach to writing. Thoroughly recommend and i look forward to the other 2 books ?

  5. Tara

    Absolutely love this book! I could not put it down once! Comedic and relatable on so many levels would highly recommend to anyone

  6. EMH

    Great book!! I’ve reread it any time I’ve needed to for a little boost.

  7. EMH

    Love this one too! You’ll want to read it cover to cover in one sit. And then reread it.

  8. Laura

    I was bought this book as a present and could not put it down!! Fantastically written and so honest. The humour is belly laughing worthy!!! Keep smiling Vic xx

  9. Becki Holmes

    Absolutely loved this book! It gave me so much motivation before I started eventing! It made me feel like it was achievable and that I may actually stand a chance at having a crack at it myself! Now I’m affiliated and moving up the levels! Whenever I have a wobble I read back through vics books and remind myself that fear (and sometimes projectile vomiting in the car park) is normal!!

  10. Sally

    Loved these books! Funny and inspiring

  11. Justin Smith

    I’m a novice rider, well all of 3 years in the saddle, and at 48 years old a late starter too (and you can’t count the Donkey on Hunstanton Pleasure Beach when I was 5). Anyway what Vic has done with this book is not only amazing, but funny, and inspiring too, an uncomplicated read which tells it like it is. And with my brain already bamboozled with Equestrian knowledge this book has certainly helped me to unravel the myths and mysteries of horse riding. A Five Star Read.

  12. Kathy

    Loved this book, easy to read and unputtable down.

  13. Karen Liversedge

    What an inspiration..you made me laugh out loud, cry and everything in between and made me realise that we all have it in us,. Pull up those grave pants (even when faced with the death phase) and kick on……thank you xxx

  14. Nikita Lane

    I love both books! I love them that much I have bought them twice as vic has offered signed copies. Vic and pat are wonderful ambassadors for he equestrian world as they can both teach you so much. I also find vics books aren’t just about getting your leg over or staying on top of your horse but a way of staying on top of life! She’s a person that genuinely wants to help people and spread her wisdom far and wide. 5 star read!

  15. Rachael

    I got bought this fabulous book by my daughter and couldn’t put it down . Loved it so much I bought more copies for otgers

  16. Gary Bellis

    This book is a must have for any equestrian, especially anyone who suffers with competition nerves. It is extremely funny, hard to put down & full of lots of useful little things to help with the nerves. I am currently on my sixth time of reading it

  17. Gary Bellis

    This book is a must have for any equestrian, especially anyone who suffers with competition nerves. It is extremely funny, hard to put down & full of lots of useful little things to help with the fear. I am currently on my sixth time of reading it

  18. Chell Ward

    Absolutely love this book!! I read it cover to cover in an hour! (whilst enjoying the bonus sweets) It made me realize that I’m not the only one with nerves on a horse and it’s so funny. Can’t wait for the next book

  19. Jay

    Love, love, love this! Couldn’t put it down. Makes me want to have a go myself!

  20. Kelly Grace

    What an inspirational book. I can relate with Vic and Pat on so many levels. You’ve made me realise that it’s ok to admit that you’ve lost your balls and that’s ok. I thought I was alone in the dark but you’ve brought the light I needed. Here’s to me getting some reinflation! xx

  21. Bill Freeman

    I have now read both of Vics books and can recommend both. They are funny, interesting and have given me some new phrases to use daily. My only complaint is that they are too short. 10 out of 10

  22. Sarah Gray

    This book was given to me by a friend who is scared of nothing equine wise! I was about to take up riding again after many many years and it made me laugh – a lot! And with it by my side I cracked on – even took it to my first ODE for over 30 years – and we came 9th! Fabulous.

  23. Lauren

    Brilliant read, I could not put it down! Read the whole thing in about a day! Love the diary snippets and total whole honesty and transparency throughout.

  24. How Very Daisy

    Funny, honest, refreshing and fun. A great book. Felt like I was reading my own biography! Insightful and clever but also laugh out loud funny. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

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