Welcome to my online home. I am Victoria Brant, but you can call me Vic.  I am an author and equestrian lifestyle blogger, wine drinker, wife, mother and weird animal rescuer. I really hope you enjoy being a part of my journey and that you come back often, even if it’s just for a laugh.

My journey shares the very highest, wonderful moments and the rock-bottom lows of a life with horses. As a skilled and heavily invested amateur equestrian with two horses, (Pat and Pea) we are nothing short of a breath of fresh air in this world of rising negativity. Competing, training and loving horses make up the body of my award winning equestrian blog with a smattering of lifestyle topics thrown in too. If you enjoy a ‘no filter’ take on life, you will LOVE it here. 

On this site you can laugh, learn, shed tears, take inspiration and grow your own equestrian journey with a little help from your friends. I hope you enjoy the regular content and updates as much as I enjoy creating them…


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