This is the one post I’ve been waiting to write for you since I started this […]
I’m rolling back to Tuesday…. my first fall in over four years. That’s right, I stacked […]
So here it is…  Number 5 of the year, Number 2 for Pea! Just to recap […]
With a confident run at Norton Disney last week, I was feeling MUCH better about this […]
I’m seriously struggling to know where to begin and that’s not like me at all! Let’s […]
New horse, new territory… our first event of the season! So, what’s new from Episode 1… […]
Day two of our first events of 2019 and it was Pea who was today’s star […]
…all I wanted to do was smile and bring my horse home safe. As you may […]
This is most certainly the hardest event report I’ve had to write all season. Even now, […]
So, here we are again… on the eve of an event and having just walked the […]
So… yesterday was my Badminton Grassroots Regional Final at Shelford. Throughout the season you get to […]
So, here it is…. my fourth event of the 2018 season, an unaffiliated event run at […]
So, my 3rd BE of the season (can’t quite believe I’m saying this when it’s nearly […]
WELL WELL WELL….. So, Here it is… Speetley BE90, my 2nd BE of the season. As […]
So, a last minute entry into the 90cms Show-cross at Epworth Equestrian Ltd saw us power […]
Here it is, my first BE of 2018… So, my routine outing before the big day […]
After much deliberation as to whether the ground was going to hold up to 80 sets […]
So here goes… (tissues advisory, wine compulsory) I’m struggling to know where to start so as […]
So here it is… Frickley Park (2) BE90 – another soggy day in Yorkshire ?? So all […]