My Riding Confidence Post-Baby

It's really hard to know where to start but I guess all the nitty gritty from the beginning is detailed in the books so I'll briefly recap.  A whistlestop tour I was a bold and fearless child rider, I would ride ANYTHING and often had to as we had no money for horses or for... Continue Reading →

My Birth Story

Such a big topic to cover and so much to say! If you would prefer to watch rather than read, I will also be making a YouTube video covering this soon too.  So, I'll pick up where the last pregnancy video update left off which, in a nutshell, detailed my waters breaking at 34 weeks, my... Continue Reading →

Hello and welcome back

Have you missed me...?! Can you believe it's been almost 6 month since I came on here with an update? I guess it all got a bit much what with the latter stages of pregnancy and squeezing a human out of my minky whilst juggling the care of two horses in winter and still remaining... Continue Reading →

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