Bumper Update 2023

It's been a while...

I have SO much to update that I thought I would do it here for those of you that love a more in depth read. 

Let’s start with the main reason you probably follow me – The Horses.

Pat Update

It’s no secret that things are a bit different around here at the moment. Back in June, Pat went in for a full lameness investigation following a lengthy spell of intermittent lameness that came to a head at Shelford ODE at the end of May. The work up showed evidence of Bone Spavin and we medicated the hocks with steroid that day. He came home and did a week of walking and then returned to full work only to show the same lameness back again 4 weeks on. I was at a loss. I felt totally done. And if I’m honest, all the uncertainty and heartache were making me wish there was an easy and more final solution. But alas, there wasn’t. 

At the start of August he went quite severely lame just in the field – This was a Tuesday – he couldn’t comfortably walk up the field for his hay and so I called the vet that night. The vet arrived less than 48 hours on and the horse trotted up TOTALLY SOUND – on the straight. On a circle – with no shoes on! WTAF?! So, the vet thinks I’m batshit bonkers, husband thinks I’m emotionally unhinged, I know I am both of these things. 

I sat for a while and gave this some thought, what’s changed? What causes it to happen on one day and not on another? Was I imagining it? Turns out my brain works – He is now on restricted grazing, fed rye free hay, limited sugar intake and I am now (as of a few days ago) BACK ON THE HORSE. The vet and I now think that for the last 3 years what I’ve been seeing and feeling is the effects of mild laminitis that have been caused by fluctuations in pasture rotation and grass growth. He’s been soundest with pads and resin on the front feet and now with management and knowledge I am hoping to be able to make the transition to barefoot as originally planned. 

Obviously I wont be holding my breath that we will be out eventing next week – but I am so happy to report that he is currently VERY sound and happy. 

Little PEA update

So much positive news around her too. She also went in for  a full lameness work up that highlighted some early arthritis in her hind legs.  We medicated and she has come back better than ever! I can’t tell you how great it is to have her in full work for ME and not on loan. I don’t think I realised how much I missed her.

She has done all 3 of my camps this year and she has been AMAZING at all of them. I have entered SJ for tomorrow (Saturday 16th Sept) at Willow Banks and then a BE event at the end of October before we kick off our winter training 🙂 

She really is a truly amazing mare and I’m so grateful that she’s mine. This picture was her jumping 1m at our training with Jo on Tuesday 4th Sept. Learning to ride her is a lot of fun.


For those of you that don’t know, we bought a 300 year old farmhouse at auction last year that needed a fair bit of renovation. We moved in this January and things are WONDERFUL. 


It is with a sad and heavy heart that Fox Hall is going to be for sale in 2024. We always knew this wasn’t going to be our forever home but I can’t help but feel sad about how on earth I am going to bring myself to hand over the keys to another family.

The reasons for moving are purely tactical financially. Cashing our chips whilst the market is in a good place in our area. We want this house but detached and in 4 acres + so with that in mind, we are going to find another diamond in the rough to restore and boost our capital.

The goal longer term is to buy a plot of land that we could run our confidence camps from, that in 15 years we can both sustain an income from and that we can call a forever home. That doesn’t happen getting cosy in the first place you buy unfortunately. 


Work is BUSY, the new book is coming together (release date 24th Nov), marketing clients are thriving and now that camps are done for this year, I can really knuckle down with the ones I haven’t been as fully focused on. The kids are great, husband is happy and really thriving professionally. He took up golf two years ago and loves it almost as much as I love horses! RESULT. 

All our camps are full for 2024 and I’ve just started drafted the podcast plans out to attract a lovely sponsor for that. 

Today (15th Sept.) I have just had my first Hypnotherapy session and I feel monumentally different already. I’ll keep these cards a bit private for now but I really wish I’d sought help sooner! I have used a lady called Louise Hamilton and so far so good. I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes at SJ! 


Love as always

Vic, Pat and Pea xxx


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