Happy 2022: A recap and a whole load of new years goodness!


Farewell last year

I first started writing this thinking what a total non-starter 2021 was. But as I dissected it, I soon realised that actually, it was filled with a huge amount of positives.  

Pea was out on loan, and Pat was all fit and ready for competing in time to smash his first event of the season (BE90 at Oasby) for a placing. My confidence sky rocketed and I entered two more events in quick succession.  I stacked it onto the second XC fence at Norton Disney which didn’t dent my confidence or pride half as much as I thought it would and at Richmond I was running in the lead after SJ and ended up pulling up at fence 8 XC because of the horrific weather and ground. 


We headed to Shelford and he jumped like a wet sock in SJ and I stuck my hand up at fence four… he really wasn’t feeling himself, clattered through two fences and I decided to withdraw from my next event at Speetley and give him a break. 

Turns out his saddle wasn’t fitting quite right, (he had got a little plump if I’m honest) and he had deep rooted abscess in a front foot – they’re always trying to tell us something aren’t they?!



Having found out I was pregnant in May, we decided to step down have a bash at the AQ80 at Frickley as one last hurrah but alas.. that wasn’t meant to be either. Rather unlike him, he colicked in the SJ warm up and after being treated by onsite vet, we went home with a bigger vet bill than the entry fee!

Sounded sh*te on paper right?

Thing is, I look back and I don’t feel disappointed with how it might look to some people. I don’t feel as though I wasted money or time on the sport. All I see is resilience. A resilience, that in previous years, I just wouldn’t have had. I kept my chin up, I kept training and I did it all (most of it) with a smile. 

Change, Change and Change again!

After losing our middle baby at 4 months back in October 2020, I found myself SUPER anxious every waking hour throughout the first half of this pregnancy. I think until I could feel the baby moving regularly at around 5 months – only then did I relax into it a bit.  Riding gave me a release, it made me forget how frightened I was that my baby could have died and so I rode right up until 32 weeks having got my darling little Pea back from her loaners so I could keep riding.



I registered Pat and I with British Dressage and had three really successful outing and 5 wins giving us regional qualifying points for this year! He loved it and, I’ll be honest – so did I! I love the no stress, the clean tack at the end, I love the intricacies of the tests and I love practicing to improve for us and our scores, and not to compete against others. 



To sum up 2021

George is growing up fast, he turned 2 in December and hes such a wonderful little outdoorsy boy. The three Wimpy Camps that we held were so incredible, I cant even begin to tell you how amazing they were. My marriage has never been more solid and I feel so very grateful to whoever is watching over this growing baby and our family as we reach the end of this pregnancy. 

Both horses are back with me and wintering really well, (more on that to come) and I cannot wait for the new chapter to unfold this year.


Goals for 2022?

Ooooo now there’s a question. Things I’d like to do…. 

Short term, there is nothing I want more in the entire world than to safely deliver a healthy little baby in the next couple of weeks. And for George not to be too unsettled by the changes. 

On a more selfish front, I would like to;

  • Ride in the sea and gallop on the beach again
  • Do a BD area festival with Pat and get some more 70% upwards tests
  • Have a go at some affiliated Novice tests
  • Do some local unaffiliated ODEs with them both and get a double clear on BOTH horses (I can dream right!?)
  • Make amazing memories and make lots of people feel amazing at the 4 Wimpy Camps we have running
  • Laugh until I pee myself at least once!

So, I think that’s it for now. For many reasons, I am taking a little step back from Instagram for those that follow on there. But I will be regularly updating on here and on Facebook as it just works better for me that way. My marketing business has taken off a bit too swiftly already this year and my time is becoming more and more precious – translation: I WASTE too much time for no real gain or benefit on my Instagram account! I’m not an influencer and this isn’t the path I want to go down. I can’t wait to share this year with you all and I hope you are also having a good start to 2022.


Love as always

Vic, Pat and Pea xxxx


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