Stable Management Tips: What’s in my grooming bag?

Hello my dear friends and welcome back to some very exciting content!

I would like to start by wishing you all a very happy February and I hope that, even in lockdown, that you are managing to cling onto a handful of sanity. Here’s something to keep you moderately entertained, so sit back and enjoy reading about my grubby brushes and how infrequently I use them. 

The Shameful Truth

Okay, so I am not one of those people that takes pleasure in preening my horses and in honesty, I actually only really ‘groom’ before and after a ride nowadays. As you may know, my horses (one at the moment whilst Pea is on holiday), are both clipped thoroughbreds that live out in a field all year round. They are well rugged, well fed (with as much hay as they can eat with very little hard feed) and tended to once a day.  In an ordinary world of competing and fitness training, they get ridden a maximum of four times a week with a mixture of field schooling, hacking and shows. So that is a maximum of four grooming occasions, usually time restricted with a baby at my heels! 


What’s in my grooming bag?

Father Christmas was very good to me this year and bought me this groom bag from Amazon that I sent him the link for! It is actually a hairdressing vanity case but who cares, its perfect for all of the day to day stuff you need and great to sling in the car/over your shoulder/in the lorry for shows/etc. It’s ¬£20 and you can get one HERE.

Inside the lid there are a series of slots in which to put your most hard to find items, you know the ones that get lost in the depths of your hay and hair filled bag, mine holds:

1 Pink hoof pick
A pair of small scissors
2 human hair bobbles and a small tiger clip
1 hairnet
1 mane/pulling comb
A little Derma Gel wound spray and the same in a cream for little nicks and cuts

In the main compartment I tend to swap and change a few bits around depending on whether I’m heading out to a show or through the season changes. What I have in there now is for winter and no shows.

  1. ProGlow – Moisture and Condition from Eqclusive. Spray this on and throw your rugs back on and it will reduce the hair loss from rugs rubbing and make your horse super shiny without too much effort.
  2. My favourite brush of all time – the HAAS Cavaliere Ladies. I bought the ‘Bay pack’ of brushes from Eqclusive at HOYS back in 2018 and this still looks like new (and I have actually used it a lot!).
  3. Haas Mane and Tail brush – I use this to get stubborn mud off and to do the mane (I NEVER brush the tail unless it’s been washed or I need it to look nice for photos etc. – then I will wash it or cover it in silicon spray!)
  4. Adelar Pro Trimmers by Lister – I take feathers off, trim bridle paths and underside of docks with these – they are the BEST trimmers you can get for a wide variety of tasks.
  5. Haas New Generation curry comb – perfect to clean brushes as you groom, remove hair and tough mud direct on the horse or it doubles up as the BEST sweat scraper after a wash! 
  6. HAAS Fellglanzb√ľrste Brush  – Again a favourite from the Eqclusive Bay pack, this brush creates such a nice shine on the coat when they’re clipped, I love it for finishing them off.
  7. This little mitt was in one of those monthly subs boxes and I have no idea what it’s called (sorry!) but its really good for removing grease from rumps and bodies without hot clothing! 
  8. I actually have no idea which Haas brush this is but its great at getting stains off so I think it much be the Parcour.
  9. Horsemans One step – My absolute favourite tack cleaner and conditioner. I never rub it off as instructed and it leaves everything clean and supple.

A few other bits I always have to hand are; Vaseline for mouth corners, winter girth rubs and as a human lip protector! And electrical tape for repairs, securing your hat silks, taping boots or tails up if you’re going out in the mud.

Spend Wise

It might seem like a big investment when you add up the cost of my grooming kit but I hope to  NEVER replace the contents for as long as I have horses. These brushes will last me until I’m too old to get my leg over and I am very happy with spending the money on things built to last. 

Also, like many people I was dubious about the different packs of brushes from Eqclusive when they first hit the market but I am so very glad I invested. Even though I don’t ever do a full groom with the step by step brush guide, I absolutely love them individually and the value was superb.

The Final Straw

So, if I was stranded on a desert island and I could only take three items from my kit…  I would choose; (As an aside, I’d probably choose the Vaseline for sun burn chaffing) but…

These three: the HAAS Cavaliere Ladies, the Haas Mane and Tail brush and the Haas New Generation curry comb all from Eqclusive – throw a hoof pick in there and its really all you would need! 

That brings us to the end, I hope it was useful for you and I will see you again soon for more excellent insights into lazy horsemanship! 


Love, Vic xx

NB: Gifted items include -The Eqclusive ProGlow and the Lister Trimmers as part of ongoing partnerships. 

Vic Brant

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One thought on “Stable Management Tips: What’s in my grooming bag?

  1. I’m nosey so I love seeing the contents of your grooming kit! I’ve always had my eye on the haas grey brushes and often wondered if they were worth it. Will definitely give them a go after reading this. I’m the same as you, would rather spend the pennies and have things last.

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