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Have you missed me…?!

Can you believe it’s been almost 6 month since I came on here with an update? I guess it all got a bit much what with the latter stages of pregnancy and squeezing a human out of my minky whilst juggling the care of two horses in winter and still remaining sane! 

Back in December I made an update via the medium of YouTube on what was going on at the time that you can see here: 


It wasn’t exactly plain sailing but my first blog post of 2020 I will be sharing on here next week will be a full on BIRTH STORY with all the intimate details…. Tune in for that why don’t you?!

George Patrick Brant (middle named after my dearly beloved horse) is now 4 months old as of this Sunday 12th April and the juggle has only got more intense! I am managing to keep calm and carry on MOST of the time but it has definitely been life changing to say the very least. 

Life on Lockdown

I must acknowledge the fact that we are living in the oddest of times and even more strange was my adjustment to our new life and then readjustment to life with a baby and now husband working from home. It definitely has its challenges but I cannot tell you how lucky I feel that no one that I know is suffereing too badly at the hands of Covid-19. 

I have friends and relatives working tirelessly in their key roles for the NHS and associated industries and I have every ounce of respect for them just as I did before this virus started to spread.

With the changes and the ‘Stay Home’ campaign in full force I felt it was the perfect time to make some changes of my own. 


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