In a TIGHT spot? Need LEGGING up? I’ve got a treat for you!

Now, I’m not a huge fan of brazen product reviews… the “I got this for free and I’m obliged to say it’s amazing” kind of thing. But the reality is, I do get a lot of products to try out and when something really catches my attention, I’ll share it… simple, Right?!


So, yes I got this item for free. No, it was not from the brand itself, in fact it was more of a gift from an OLD friend 😉 but nonetheless I’m a changed woman!!

It was a warm Thursday morning when dpd knocked on my door… I was not home! In fact, I chased around the whole bastard county for this parcel and spent more in fuel than what was hiding in its packaging! But…

Inside the bag was something that has now changed my life.


Enter – Harcour Enif Riding Leggings

I slithered into these silky cool tubes like a snake through long, soft grass. Pulling them over my plump derrière, my cheeks popped into the material resembling a ripe nectarine on a hot day! I felt securely held in and lunged about the kitchen like a young antelope!

I’m literally peeing my pants!!


I’ve ridden in breeches, jodhpurs, jeans, tights/skirt combo (needs must) for years and never have I felt flexibility or “overhang” support like this before!

My arse looked like that of a perky 18 year old and my chubby front pouch was practically gone!!



I was feeling amazing having squeezed into the size 10 too and also flabbergasted that I could still breathe and do the Hokey-Cokey! Result! But the proof was going to be in the riding, my arse might look like a nectarine but I didn’t want to end up as squashed fruit when I slipped off the saddle ?

Riding test

Low and behold…the grip surprisingly brilliant, silicone knees are my favourite and without them I feel like I’m doing the hula… these are a total winner!!


The thickness of the body sculpting material is not like other leggings I’ve had, it doesn’t let wind in… out, maybe?! but in, definitely not!

My pouch wasn’t hanging out and I actually found myself doing up the drawcord as I wore them for the 4th day in a row!!


The gruesome facts

Yes, that’s right… I wear jodhpurs for a week without washing them! I don’t have time for all that nonsense… I didn’t soil myself in them and I’m not a total grufter, I do wash myself during the week!

They looked and felt as good on day 1 as on day 7, I rode 12 times, once bareback, once jumping. I hacked, schooled and poo-picked in them. Quite frankly… I didn’t want to wear much else.


In summary

I’m a total convert. I am going to get another pair in the navy and hope to the Harcour Gods that they bring out a dark red and add a bit of sexy leather down the side!!

Totally worth the money, I can’t fault the quality and yet again, sexy Justin at Just Equine knew what I wanted and boy did he give it to me!!


You have until MONDAY to get your arse looking nectarine-esque because Justin has given us a very generous 15% off (that includes EVERYTHING on his site too – he doesn’t need to eat this month!!) so get your peaches to www.justequine.co.uk use code wimpyeventer to save yourself a mega 15%

Until next time xxx


Vic Brant

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3 thoughts on “In a TIGHT spot? Need LEGGING up? I’ve got a treat for you!

  1. First of all, this is the first review in a LONG TIME that immediately prompted me to go to the website and place an order. Unfortunately, shipping to the US is £59.99. -.- I shall keep an eye out tho!

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