What I wear Competing: Part 1 – Dressage

There are obviously do’s and don’ts that you have to comply with and I advise that if you are unsure that you check with the British Eventing or British Dressage Rule Books just to be safe.

I know that all of the gear I am wearing is above board but equally I also know that I push the limits on some things, where most people might want something a bit more *coughs* discreet.

Vic Wears:

HelmetCharles Owen AYR8 in Navy leather with a tan croc and navy patent trim. This was my bespoke helmet made for me as one of the prizes from being a Finalist on the 2017 Allstar Academy on Horse and Country TV. It is SERIOUSLY comfy and very well ventilated for a full leather helmet. I also tie my hair back with a pink scrunchie and blue net from eBay.

Shirt – I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ariat show shirts, they are so lightweight and breathable and don’t cling too tight.  I dip dyed mine in pink and added some bows but they are just as lovely in the plain that they come in too.

Stock – I have a few that I love, one bespoke from Caracal who don’t make them anymore sadly or a pink stripy one I found on eBay monstrously cheap.  As long as it it pink and stiff… it’s a winner with me! ?

Gloves – My super grippy Ladies Finest by Hauke Schmidt of course! You can find my review of those HERE too.

Vitality – I’d never go in the ring without my Vitality bracelet from Pegasus Jewellery or my Bravery band for that matter!!!

Jacket – I ADORE my show jacket, it is actually the Louise blazer from Bucktrout Tailoring but it is SO smart and think it works really well as a show jacket.  I have to say, it’s not the most breathable on a hot day but who cares?! It’s light in colour so does reflect  bit more heat than a black or navy one would. Also they have the Lilac version in at HALF PRICE right now too!!!

Number BIB – Now this was my most extravagant purchase of the season… I ordered a custom made bib from Valentine Equine over in Australia, but it is SO worth it, I love it SO much!!!

Breeches – On a fat day (most days) I LOVE the support and sucky-in-ness of the Harcour Katchina breeches I acquired from Just Equine.  They are MEGA grippy and will always be in my top 10 equestrian items EVER!! BUT… on a thin or sweltering hot day, I wear the amazing Ariat Trifactor breeches.  Whilst they sit a bit lower on my tum, they do cool you down far more than any other pair I’ve owned!

Boots – I simply cannot tell you how much I love my boots, they are two years old now and still look amazing.  Again by Ariat, the quality is out of this world and I hope they are still going many years from now!

Pat Wears

Bridle – He likes a padded poll and needs a flash to add some security to the contact and so I have the gorgeous Lme bridlewear comfort bridle in brown. The neck strap is just off an old martingale but I NEVER go without it these days unless I have to.

Bit – After much deliberation, trial and error and help from my lovely friend Liz at Ride Right Equestrian, he is in the Neue Schule Verbindend which encourages him to seek a contact and gives me much more feel.

Browband – He is still in the Pearly Ponies Ultimate in pink and blue from almost 2.5 years ago, I haven’t wrapped it in cotton wool or been particularly dainty about it, it’s durable, super pretty and I bloody love it!!

Saddle – Whilst I cant quite afford to buy the Voltaire Dressage saddle yet, I am riding in a second hand (£200) Saddle Company one which is half leather, half synthetic and very light weight.  It does the job and certainly will do for us.  I dont ever ride him above medium level dressage so I have no real desire to get anything too fancy unless I have a lottery win of course!!

Leathers and Stirrups – I have the Sue Carson Webbers which are those non-traditional close contact ones and I use them with the Pink Venice Tech Stirrups that I was gifted early last year to try out and I still love them a lot!

Girth – is the anatomic short girth from Voltaire and is very soft and squishy with a wide surface area as he can be a little girthy at times.

Boots – If I know the warm up is going to be particularly hard or if he’s feeling fresh, I put on the Majyk sport/dressage boots and a pair of over reach just in case and take them off before I go in.

So that’s it for dressage, it’s very simple stuff really. I hate the thought of adding up the cost of everything but I am a real bargain hunter so look on eBay, Preloved, Gumtree, Facebook selling sites, etc. for second hand stuff, it will save you a fortune!

Vic Brant

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