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Now, protection is something we all have at the forefront of our minds; not only for ourselves but (often more importantly) for our horses.

I’m relatively new to Eventing and I have only one, very precious horse. I want to make sure I am doing all I can for his safety and longevity as a riding horse.

The selection of equine leg protection, namely Cross Country boots, is vast and can be very confusing. I’ve often struggled to know what to buy and which brand performs best… I have tried several now including; Woof Wear, Eskadron, NEW, Equilibrium, Premier Equine and LeMieux)! Some cause rubbing, some slip, some seem too flimsy, so when I was asked to try the Majyk XC Boots, I wasn’t feeling very optimistic!!

I’ve had these boots in full use for over 4 months now. Testing them on 2 hour hacks, in the show jumping ring and most importantly, out on the XC!! I have (not Majyk advised) washed them on a 30 wash about 5 times and here’s what I’ve found…

The Fit

When I took them out of the packaging, I thought they looked WAY too small! I had followed the advice on sizing from lovely Elaine who looks after Majyk Europe. She was BANG ON when I actual tried them on!!

Pat is almost 15.2hh, mostly TB and she sent (from the Boyd Martin range) the MAJYK EQUIPE ELITE CROSS COUNTRY BOOT FRONT and HIND in Diamond White in Small plus over-reach boots!!

The fit is brilliantly solid. They have a (what feels like) memory foam lining that wherever you put the boots, they just stay! They don’t slip even when soaked through!

The Features

I like a white boot because Pat hasn’t got any white leg markings but then you risk, after a couple of wears, a slightly off white mess!! I am very happy with how they manage to stay white!! Apparently one of the features of the outer material is “Repels dust and dirt” so maybe that explains it!! All of these pictures are unwashed, after an event!!

The straps appear longer than necessary and a bit, well… flappy, but they don’t flap at all when on the leg and actually would enable a chunkier leg to fit in!!

…they are breathable, protective, shock absorbers that look pretty damn fine!!!

They are definitely the most breathable boots I’ve ever used, no neoprene and no material on them holds any moisture. In honesty, I’ve never really noticed if he’s had particularly sweaty legs but I have noticed how sweaty the inside of his old boots were when I came to wash them! These Majyk ones never seem wet which also means you can just spray them off with the hose rather that’s having to wash all the bacteria out!

The Conclusion

Bored of me banging on about boots?! Well just hear me out and take note of this brand, it’s not one of the BIG BOYS in the UK just yet, but it most certainly will be!! Horse and Rider Magazine rated them BEST IN TEST 2017 too!!

The quality is far superior to most I’ve used and the price point of approx £80 (fronts) and £95 (hinds) are seriously competitive and so worth the money when your horses legs are at stake.

I could drone on about all the technology built in but in a nutshell, they are breathable, protective, shock absorbers that look pretty damn fine!!!

For more technical info and FAB video, please take a look HERE!

To get you hands on a set you can look HERE!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or need any more photos, just pop a comment below! Xx

Vic Brant

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