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2018 Competition Reports

The Region Final: the one with the vomiting!!

So… yesterday was my Badminton Grassroots Regional Final at Shelford. Throughout the season you get to pick up qualifying results (approx top 3) which mean you are eligible for a RF at that level. At the final you have...
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8 Minutes
2018 Competition Reports

Number 4: the Enlightening One!

So, here it is…. my fourth event of the 2018 season, an unaffiliated event run at Epworth Equestrian. Now, for anyone wondering… yes, I have my BE90 Regional Final at Shelford in 2 weeks and yes, I know I...
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Kit Guides Learn Riding Tips

What I wear Competing: Part 1 – Dressage

There are obviously do’s and don’ts that you have to comply with and I advise that if you are unsure that you check with the British Eventing or British Dressage Rule Books just to be safe. I know that...
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3 Minutes
2018 Life away from horses

*Very Personal* Wanting something too much…

Please don’t read any further if you’ve popped over here for a bit of cheery light hearted reading… it probably won’t turn out that way! I want to share this for my own sanity, I think about it everyday...
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Kit Guides Learn

August Favourites – you can’t afford NOT to…

Now, protection is something we all have at the forefront of our minds; not only for ourselves but (often more importantly) for our horses. I’m relatively new to Eventing and I have only one, very precious horse. I want...
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