My July Favourites – What’s GLOVE got to do with it?

So, being ‘out there’ in the public eye definitely has it’s ups and downs. Being a blogger and author or one of the largest equestrian blogs in the country brings with it some exciting opportunities to try new things that I ordinarily wouldn’t get to try.  New product launches, events and meet ups are so much fun and give me a great insight into our industry.

Once a week I am going to put together one or two of my monthly favourites teamed up with a competition and round up at the end of each month to win some of the things included if I can!

So, here goes nothing!!

The Ladies Finest gloves by Hauke Schmidt
(I pronounce this Hawk Shmit – DO NOT hold me to this… I might well be wrong!!).

Test conditions; I have been trialing the wear and durability of these gloves since February 2018 and I have worn them at least 4 times a week and for competing (around 150 hours total). I have not washed them in any way. I have worn them on hot, cold, wet and dry days, in the snow and in the baking sun.  I have gone XC in them and worn them for dressage shows.

The Ins and Outs; I haven’t mentioned them much in posts or on social media because I wanted to make sure they were going to make it past the 6 month point where most of my other gloves have been abandoned full of holes. When I was shown the technology built into these gloves, Nicola and her lovely Dad at Hauke Schmidt went into detail about the ‘sticky stuff’ (technical term) used to form the bonds in the palm material and told me it was the same stuff used in goal keepers gloves… and made in Somerset, this was good enough for me, I’ve got massive balls to find and save!!! I chose the Mocha/light brown and a 7.5 ( I have medium sized hand and usually quite long nails)

71qM9nuvywL._SL1500_The Findings; When you first put them on, they don’t feel the comfiest gloves right away, you can feel the seams on the inside and they feel a little bit … damp… like a chamois leather? Like they could do with a lining. BUT… when you get a rein in your hand, they feel so close contact that a lining would take away from this. Like you have the hands of a monkey clinging to his last banana. They are seriously grippy and in all weathers too.

Sizing up; They have a great fit, not too tight but with them being the softest lambskin leather, they mould to your hands in seconds and seriously look the business.

On point pricing; I don’t think the price point of £49.95 is a bad place to be when I’d have spent £20 per pair on 3 lesser quality pairs of gloves in this time and they still look like they did the first day I put them on!!

These are a brilliant investment item and I’m certain that they will last for many years yet!


NB: I was gifted this pair of gloves and would not hesitate to buy another from the same company, if you would like more information or to make a purchase of these beautiful gloves or any others in the range, please visit: www.knightsbrand.com

Vic Brant

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