Team Wimpy Weekend Round Up!

What a long way these ladies have come so far, I cannot tell you how proud I am of them all. The support they offer one another in the private group is like nothing I have ever seen, show days are my favourites as they all come together and support each – isn’t that what it should be about?!  Here’s a little update for you on how they have all been getting on…

Liz Pears

Liz and Spirit, on their mission to BE80, have been practicing hard.  I’ve seen endless videos on Liz’s page of her training this little horse, covering all bases ready for the big day! That day was this weekend and this is what Liz had to say about it;

All the prep paid off when Spirit completed his first BE 80 with a 30.8 dressage, a run on a pole in a super sj round where he didn’t look at anything, and a lovely confident xc round inside the time to finish 5th in a big section.
With about half a dozen xc sessions under his belt, he is now convinced he knows what he’s doing and was still pulling to the last fence, which is great!


Becki Holmes

Now, a few weeks ago I met some of my team at a training day and Becki and her horse Buck were two of those.  I ran her through her dressage test and even though this is quite a new partnership, you’d never have known.  They are just perfect for each other and we have a pair of budding eventers here for sure! This weekend, Becki and Buck completed their 2nd ever event together and this is how she found it….

36 dressage, a pole in the show jumping (rider faffing ??) and then an awesome clear cross country ??  It was the first time I’ve got picture proof of big smiles cross country  and we are now hopefully about ready to complete our Wobbleberry challenge on July 15th at the Hannah Francis one day event!


Nina Studley

Nina Has been going great guns after a little confidene wobble at some evening showjumping one night last week.  The girls all got behind her and she came out fighting with two amazing third place rosettes in her jumping classes this weekend! She also pulled on her brave pants to do a fun ride too!!


Jess Griffiths

Jess has been so busy with working and teaching, she really is like super woman fitting everything in! Instilling confidence and skills into other riders is so rewarding and her days tuition at Field Farm sounded great! – Count us all in for next time!

We had a great day at Field Farm where it was good to do an off the horse session of goal setting as well as a lesson and pole work!


Susan Paterson

I just think everyone needs a Susan in their lives… her positivity is just amazing!

After a really nervy start to the grass polo season, I had a bit of a confidence wobble and started to let in horrible doubts about whether I was really up to this sport at all, whether I just didn’t have the guts and was letting down my pony and my team. But with the support of all the Team Wimpy girls and a determination that I’ve never really had before, I pushed on. I told myself I mustn’t give up at the first hint of nerves. Was just so frustrating as I honestly thought I’d gone past the really crippling nerves, I thought they were a thing of the past. I’m so so happy to say that after struggling through a few scary chukkas, this week I enjoyed being on the grass like I never had before and played the best I’ve done. Long way to go still but I feel I’m back on the right track. Pataca loves the grass, she chases the ball for me!


Amie Duckett

Well, I won’t spoil it too much as Amie’s Wimpy Wednesday update tomorrow is going to be super, but this weekend she has been SMASHING her goals in excellent style!

We jumped 2’3 with a 2’3 spread this weekend … biggest spread I’ve done with him 

Sharon Murphy

Last, but certainly not least… Sharon has the raw end of the deal, her and I share a yard, hack together during the week and I regularly kick her arse into doing things she might not have otherwise done! (and likewise the other way around!!) Sharon and her horse Jack are coming on so much and they both have me beaming with pride… She has completed her first 80cms one day event, Show-cross at Epworth and Show jumping for the riding club teams! (I’ll let her fill you in on the details for her Wimpy Wednesday coming soon!)

I have realised that with any sport, the way you prepare yourself mentally is just as important that how you prepare physically. I need to have more faith in myself and stop making excuses! I am going to have a couple of weeks off competing, as I am sooo tired. I am going to work on our canter and do some more schooling!


The team now have a series of WIMPY CHALLENGES to complete starting this week so look out for some hilarious footage and forfeit videos for anyone not wanting to complete them! And look out for Wimpy Wednesday coming up tomorrow!

Over and Out!! xxx

Vic Brant

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