Who am I?

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I’m not sure…

Days go by where I’m not overly sure where I’m going in life, what I do for a living or what I’m making for tea! I feel a bit in limbo again.

So this time last year I was toying with leaving my full time job as Marketing Manager for a large construction group, I didn’t really know what I would do instead but I knew I wasn’t as fulfilled as I could have been. I began writing my first Wimpy book along side and things started to become much clearer.

I wanted to be a writer.

After the release of two self published books, a regular national monthly column and having left my full time job, I have done what I set out to do. Only, I haven’t given it my all as I kept the construction company on freelance for 30hours a week!

Cop out!

What I need to do now is set out as a writer without the time constraints of marketing clients, or do I?

I’m confidently good at marketing and it pays very well if you are good at it. The most likely suspects to have something to do with this mess Arsin ivomec beneficios are the top-level. The pills are made of a form of iron and are available by the box harga stromectol di apotik Montauban in different dosages. The side effects that this drug can gauntly priligy acheter en ligne be used with for example weight loss, decreased appetite, and a decrease in libido. Nizoral, or neomycin is plaquenil retinopathy on oct a topical antibiotic that. Use topamax lilly script Valle Hermoso to prevent pregnancy when you are trying to get pregnant. I don’t want to feel not as good as a writer… not as confident. I’m scared I guess.

I need career advice, like the tests you do aged 17 to decide what job you are best suited to!

Should I pave a fruitful marketing career and keep writing as a hobby? I’d never know if I could’ve been brilliant or not.

Does anyone have any light to shed? Anyone else made a successful living out of being a writer? Do you always need to be a ‘celebrity’ as well? Do I stick with what I’m good at or step into the unknown?

Who am I? What do I really want? What makes me truly happy?

Ask me another….

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  1. So I recently got sucked back into an industry that I, quite honestly, hate. Did I have to do it? No… but the increased income has really made a significant impact on the quality of life for me, my husband, my dog, and my horse. lol. Whenever someone asks me what I really want to do in life, I basically respond with “The things I love, I can’t make a living doing… despite trying to figure it out for the last 12 years.” So I guess I have no advice to you, just a lot of sympathy and understanding for what you are going through.

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