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Teary eyes all round… 2017 round up – a video to last a lifetime.

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2017 Competition Reports

The one where it all came together – The Last One.

So here goes… (tissues advisory, wine compulsory) I’m struggling to know where to start so as usual, I’ll take you back to Friday night…. This week had been a right off, I lacked enthusiasm at the start and finally...
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Is cross-stitch under rated?

So I want to talk about Retraining… I’ll add right now, I am NO expert. But I do have experience and I’m not afraid to use it!! So, You have a horse that has potentially learnt to go a...
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Introducing…. Bender!

On the 27th August 2017 we welcomed a new furry into our lives.  We went to visit the lovely Kate at Cheveral House Racehorse Rehoming  and a week later came home with Sir Bentley. Bender or Bendy Wendy as he...
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2017 Competition Reports

Frickley Park (2) BE90 – another soggy day in Yorkshire!

So here it is… Frickley Park (2) BE90 – another soggy day in Yorkshire ?? So all week I had felt very at ease about this one, I think after the pressure of my Regional Final at Shelford I had...
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