Very proud to announce….

WELL…. What a day!!!

Today I have made the most valuable investment of my life (Pat excluded – he is family and doesn’t count) in more ways than one.

I expect you all remember the post I did a few weeks ago about having THAT exciting phone call but not being quite ready to divulge the details yet… Well, the lovely gentleman did in fact call me back and we arranged a date for him and his colleague to come and see Pat and I… well, that was TODAY!!!

I woke up this morning like it was CHRISTMAS MORNING… I got dressed, did my make up (I knew there would be a photo or two…) and left the house to find Pat. I brushed him and tacked him up and hopped on. We rode down to our lovely new friend Helens house where we borrow her arena and I waited patiently.

5 minutes later two very sharp looking SsangYong 4x4s pulled in and two handsome gents in crisp white shirts stepped out. I struggled to hold in my squeaks of excitement as they pulled their wares from inside the branded motors. The more svelte, french accented gentleman talked me through in detail about how their beautiful items would help Pat and I, and most importantly make me SAFER when I ride. I fell in love with him a little bit right there!!!


The information I was given, the demonstration from the ground, the detail that was gone into was unbelievable. I asked questions which were answered, they both ceremoniously laughed at my sh*t jokes and I giggled when one of them showed me how he should be able to get his ‘3 fingers in my gullet’ (I’m still laughing now!!!) …

Anyway, we went down to the arena and I hopped on, I rode around for 10 minutes with further instruction and education from my new friends. I didn’t feel inadequate, or crap, not one single bit – I felt more confident and capable than I ever have and I am putting it all down to my new acquisition. I was secure, safe and felt down right wonderful.

I hacked home with the biggest grin knowing that my two new chums were coming round for tea and biscuits after (sadly thanks to Slimming world I had none of the latter). We talked and laughed and secured my brand new custom made, name plated Voltaire Design United Kingdom saddle!!!! I am now crying a little bit. I have signed and sealed the SPONSORED RIDER contract that makes it all official.

I cannot tell you all what this means to us, to be supported by such a prestigious company as Voltaire, I want to thank Matt Tarrant (and his lovely wife Kate) and the lovely Florian for changing our lives today. I have NEVER been able to afford nice things and thanks to a perfect payment plan and their flexibility, today I made that investment.

The saddle I have gone for is the Lexington, as light as a WINTEC (Matt will die when he sees this!!! but it really is!!), it moves with Pat with every step, and I have chosen the grippiest option of buffalo hide and large knee blocks so that we are SUPER SAFE at all times.

I now have to eat beans for a little while and wait 12 weeks until it arrives and try to control my unbearable excitement, I just know this is one of the best things I have ever spent money on EVER.


Take a look here – www.voltairedesign.com <3

Vic Brant

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