My Badminton – Unlike any other year.

So I have made the pilgrimage to Badminton Horse Trials most years for the last 10 now and I can safely say that this year is the most exciting one yet.

Previous years I have been giddy over the shopping lanes or walking the course but this year I have a whole new muse for my uncontrollable joy.  Now having an equestrian book on the cusp of release, a starring role on a TV show about to air on Horse and Country TV and the support of 3 sponsor companies who play a large role the sport of eventing and 2 of them have modest stands on the grounds, I am focussing on very different things to previous years.

Firstly, I have spent all week worrying what to wear… usually I wear jeans, a jumper, some sort of coat covered in Pat slobber, but this year it is likely that I will be photographed – better touch my roots up (there’s a few sneaky greys appearing!!), so I need to look like I haven’t just stepped out of the muck heap!

I have plumped for a dress!!…. I have to be careful with dresses because, I’m large in the rear end and non-existent on the chest front, I am thinking a little day dress, with a cardigan and jacket (non-slobbered on) and then my new Fairfax and Favor Explorer boots and Hicks and Brown Fedora that I have recently WON in a competition!


So, outfit decided I will be heading to the Foxy Equestrian stand promoting my book and their lovely handmade products from 10.30am, I won’t lie I am a little bit nervous.  I feel so normal and unassuming day to day.  After that, I will pay a visit to the Horse and Country TV stand to feel a little bit famous for a wee while!! It’s so exciting being on the show, I absolutely LOVED filming and I also (surprisingly) loved the limelight! I have visits to make to Point 2, my wonderful sponsors, to the ever supportive Ariat and to other stands where I have met business owners through my journey so far.

After lunch I am doing the normal course walking, shopping, stuffing my face with strawberries and marshmallows from the fondue stand and downing a few glasses of prosecco.  I have NEVER been to Badminton in this context, never to network or be part of something other than spectatorship.  I am so lucky and even though I have worked very hard this year, I feel humble and ever so thankful to all of my Wimpy supporters who have lifted me into this wonderful place.

The book sales are going really well (thank you), I have pre-orders open on my website HERE with the first 1000 sold being signed by Pat and Myself!!! There are bookmarks to get your hands on (FREEBIES!!) around Badminton on the Ariat stand, the Foxy Equestrian stand and at Point 2.  I have around 300 signed copies left to sell before I can rest my signing hand!

I will report back tomorrow and Sunday with tales of my travels.

Love as always, Vic xx

Vic Brant

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