Hoorah for Hunting!!

So let’s go back to this morning…

I got up and drove to the yard unphased at this point, to skip out, hay and not think about the day ahead. Back at home I actually ate breakfast… grilled mushrooms, tomato, avocado and a poached egg (still on the post Christmas diet).

The Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds were meeting locally at 12.30 (with a half hour hack and chain smoke to factor in) I needed to be plaited and off the yard by 11.45! Bang on 10 my belly was jiggly, swallowed two Imodium and sat in the water closet for a wee while and I was right as rain! ??constipation is a small fee in comparison to soiling yourself in front of 50 people you don’t know!! Plus getting it out of my new gel seat saver would have been royally tedious!

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Off we went, swigging at the flask and puffing on a (almost quit) smoke, trundled down to the meet. It was already fairly busy and Pat seemed a bit of a frisky biscuit when I tried to accept my compulsory port snifter! Downed it and minutes later we were off!


GALLOPING was Pats pace of choice for the day, he was mega strong and likes to be up the front, so that’s where we stayed until he settled. We had a line of cantering and trotting with a blast down the gallops to warm us up before I heard the smasher of a Field Master say the next line might get a bit exciting! ??

I was [email protected] it at that point if I’m brutally honest!!

Covered in mud already, hip flask pretty much empty, lines 2&3 did not disappoint on the excitement stakes! We jumped 4ft hedge after 4ft hedge one after the other… big bloody bushy great hedges!!! I was absolutely Blinking loving it!!!! Christ on a bike my tiny boy grew wings… we were flying! I cannot tell you!!! I was crying with joy and pride soaring round those fields, until we turned and landed ourselves in front of a metal five bar gate ?imagine my horror!!


Bum twitching, I kicked for a good stride and we sailed it, so big infact, that I almost come off the back! Bugger me this was better than anything I have ever done in my entire life… we finished the 4th and last line with a huge 5ft box hedge and came home with the biggest grin on the entire hunting field!!!

I cannot tell you all how today has made me feel, I seriously love the absolute bones of that tiny Trojan flying machine, he made me so blinking proud today. Looked after me good and proper.

I must also say that I have hunted a lot in my youth but absolute hats off to the Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds you have given me the best day of my life today and I here I sit in my bubbly bath with a husband made cup of tea not quite believing what we have done this afternoon.

Can you honestly believe that this time last year I couldn’t even get on my horse through fear, and now bloody look at us!!!!!! Here’s to a very very wonderful horse and an exciting year ahead!! ???? xxxx

Love, best wishes and thank you for the endless support. I await photographic evidence from the sterling Julian Portch Photography to prove my balls were almost always in tact today!

Goodnight ?? xxxx

Vic Brant

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