Let me explain a few things now I’m older and more wisdom-ous?!

I am pretty sure that at some point in the lives of every single one of you reading this, you have felt rotten about your capabilities, downtrodden or had your chips totally p*$sed on by someone else. If you haven’t – you are probably the one doing the urinating!

My equestrian side of life has been FULL to the bloody handle with highs and lows of the best and worst kind. Along the way you realise that the people that you surround yourself with are those that influence the14495247_10207247921984919_4180477636189784742_n success or failure.  From my experience, the pride or guilt you feel for winning and the shame or experience you get from ballsing it up is all determined by the first 3 people you tell.  My choice of 3 include; No.1 – New Husband, almost always congratulates me on survival before any results are divulged. I am reminded that I do this for enjoyment and like we always say, the minute you stop enjoying, get off the bus. No.2 – Fellow yard people, which I am delighted to say – couldn’t give two sh#ts if I succeed or fail, they are just happy peering in from the edge at someone having a bash at it! There is no hidden agenda behind their “Ooo you’re alive then, how did you get on?”  No.3 – My Social Media ‘family’ I enjoy how even the non-horsey brigade give me a ‘wow’ like! (What is the world coming to?!)

This hasn’t always been the case and I won’t ever dwell on that feeling of coming home from a show elated to find that Lady Big Knickers has already got her pants down ready to put your fire out.  Those sort of people, New Husband and I refer to as Eleven-erife. If you’ve been to Tenerife… guess where they’ve been?!

I like to think that I have always been a good sport at dishing out credit where its due and of course Karma is a wonderful thing but, the basics are very simple, surround yourself with people that either couldn’t give a sh#t, ones that would give their last sh#t to see you succeed, or that ones that don’t know what sh#t your doing!

Vic Brant

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