A little delayed to see whether I survived ….

A little delayed reply as I wanted to see whether I survived this weekend or whether my poor husband was drafting up my premature headstone.

A few updates on the cards; NO.1 – I had the almightiest of meltdowns at the beginning of this month, I was scared, tired, and dealing with a few personal worries which meant I couldn’t function within 3 feet of my saddled up steed.

I cried more than most months over my sheer lack of nerve, tears of frustration looking at photos of my once ballsy self, flying over fences and timber out hunting brought it home that I need to seriously consider giving this sport up. After copious amounts of NZ Sauvignon and a stern talking to from various chums – I finally began to pull myself together.

NO.2 I moved the pony. From a dressagey environment with limited turn out and barely hacking through fear of a nearby train line, to a much more laid back place where I have since hacked more times than I have all year. Pat the Pony has calmed down to a kickable lump and I have felt braver, less nervous and in turn, entered a hunt ride for this Saturday (just gone!).

Saturday came, I frequented the downstairs loo 4 times before I left the house and my uneaten toast remained on the kitchen side.


I tacked up and hacked the 1.5 mile path to what felt like my untimely death. He stood at the ‘meet’ with 70 other horses and took off like a rocket when we set off.

I spent all morning up at the front of the ride, as the pace was pretty fast and slippery footing meant I wanted a good run at the JUMPS!!! – (YES… THERE WERE JUMPS!!!)


I clutched the neck strap over tiger trap after tiger trap, we soared over ditches and galloped with no brakes – I felt BLOODY FANTASTIC.

I’m literally sobbing with pride, covered in gooseys typing this out – I never thought I would ever do anything like this again! I have been on cloud 9 ever since and now I feel I can actually do this, might I be an ‘eventer’ by next season? – I just might!


Was this pure coincidence or were the new found balls courtesy of my beautiful new boots? See here for more details on the Ariat challenge contour boots!!!



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